5 Actions That Say He Loves You

Any woman in the world is looking at some point for love, you are not unique in this thinking. Of course, the first time you meet a guy, you think about the ways he makes you feel and if he can end up loving you. 

Here are some actions through which you can make sure a man loves you:

  1. He is interested in what you are saying. He is listening closely and asks you questions. Any subject you approach, he is there to listen, to exchange opinions. He likes to talk to you. 
  2. He is interested in how you are. He is interested in how your day has been. He asks you how you feel and he likes to send messaged to you first thing in the morning. He likes spending time with you and does care when you are sick. 
  3. He takes care of you. If you are sick, you can always count on him to take care of you. He will bring you soup, he will buy you pills and hang around to see if you are getting better. There’s nothing saying more than ‘I love you’ than a gesture of love when you so much needed it. Always keep your eyes opened for those who like to take care of you, who shower you with affection. They are keepers. 
  4. He makes you laugh. Any man that is ready to get over his insecurities and is ready to make you laugh is a keeper. A man who gets out of his way in order to make you feel good about yourself and make you smile, is someone who you should hold on to. He likes to see your perfect smile and so he is always looking for ways to make you happy. Keep him for!
  5. He says ‘I love you’. Of course, a man who truly loves you will say the so much dreaded sentence. It will not be something acted, something programmed, he will just say it without any warning when he feels it. He will not expect something in return; he just wants you to be happy. Such a man will say this with feeling and will just blurt it out when he feels like it. 

So, there you have it, some sure signs that the guy actually loves you. Of course, everyone expresses their love in their own way, there is nothing set in stone. Just keep an eye on this type of a guy, never risk losing him, and express your feelings towards him as well. 

Remember, a guy who is a keeper will never shy away from expressing his feelings towards you. If he seems to ignore you more than you expect, maybe it’s time to rethink your relationship. There are better ones out there!