How To Get Asked On A Date

Asking the guy out has become the norm for confident women nowadays. They like to get their hands dirty and the results are almost always great. Most men would say that they prefer for the woman to be confident enough to ask them out. This has a lot of sex appeal to them, so why not do it?

If you are not that confident though, you can be sure that there are some tips for you too, sister! Here are some things which you can apply in order to get asked out for a date by any man that crosses your path. Have a look below. 

Step one: Act confident

There’s nothing more men appreciate than a woman who has truly a lot of confidence in herself. You need to trust yourself when making decisions and never become dependent on what someone says, especially if this someone is a man. Nobody likes push overs, so why would you choose to be one? It doesn’t make you any service. 

Men appreciate women who know how to carry themselves, women who live by their own rules. Nobody likes a person who isn’t able to walk the street being afraid. Also, having a job and supporting yourself through it, is a big plus. The men smell almost immediately women that are gold diggers and who are only looking for money. 

You do your own thing, are independent, care about and love yourself and men will mostly likely follow. You will get the date without the blink of an eye. 

Step two: Don’t be ignorant

Acting confident and knowing what you are talking about is a great way to attract men. If you know how to keep a conversation flowing, you will be able to attract the man no matter what. Men appreciate intelligent women who know how to expose their opinions. Also, they appreciate women who know what planet they live on. Never underestimate the power of education and knowledge. 

If you are at a party or in a socializing medium, you can be sure that there will be a man who will approach you. When this happens, keep your confidence and share your knowledge on the subject you might be discussing. Never be afraid of expressing your opinion, no matter what. A truly intelligent man will know how to accept it and value it. 

If you know how to keep a conversation flowing, this will be a great asset. Men appreciate women who have opinions and know how to express them. You can be sure that he will ask for your phone number at the end of the conversation. 

Step three: Smile

As you might already have heard a smile goes a long way. If you are a person who likes only drama you will never attract the right people. Men like women who know how to have a good time, women who like to smile and to laugh at their jokes. This is a normal desire, you would like that type of a man as well, wouldn’t you. Keeping a resting face and looking angry all the time, will do nothing for you. 

Men keep the distance with the women who are angry and who like to complain about anything and who bash other people. They like happy people like the next person. Why would you keep a straight face when trying to impress someone? It does nothing for you actually. 

So if you want a great man to approach you and get involved in a conversation with you, keep that smile on your face.  He will ask for your numbers straight away, trust me! 

Step four: Don’t complain and act clingy

Nobody likes a winy person or a person who becomes too clingy. Men like women to have their own lives and not live their own. When a man asks you what you would like to do, he expects for you to answer with your own opinion. Men do not like too dependable women, they appreciate those who are independent and have a mind of their own. 

Also, becoming clingy even from the first time that you’ve met, does nothing good for you. Why would you become so dependent on someone for the first time? You have your own life, passions and things to pursue; don’t try to project your desires onto the man. 

When men meet a woman who can talk a lot of her passions, desires how she sees her future, they become impressed. Men actually love independent women who have a mind of their own. They will ask for your number